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Complex Systems and Interdisciplinary Science

World Scientific Book Series

The joint Editors for the book series are Neil Johnson and Felix Reed-Tsochas of CABDyN, supported by an international editorial board.



Volume three: ‘Biological Networks

Edited by François Képès (CNRS & University of Evry, France)

This volume presents a timely and comprehensive overview of biological networks at all organization levels in the spirit of the complex systems approach. It discusses the transversal issues and fundamental principles as well as the overall structure, dynamics, and modeling of a wide array of biological networks at the molecular, cellular, and population levels. Anchored in both empirical data and a strong theoretical background, the book therefore lends valuable credence to the complex systems approach.

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Volume two:' Large Scale Structure and Dynamics of Complex Networks. From Information Technology to Finance and Natural Science

Edited by Guido Caldarelli (University of Rome "La Sapienze", Italy) & Alessandro Vespignani (Indiana University, USA).

This book is the culmination of three years of research effort on a multidisciplinary project in which physicists, mathematicians, computer scientists and social scientists worked together to arrive at a unifying picture of complex networks. The contributed chapters form a reference for the various problems in data analysis visualization and modelling of complex networks. For more information go to the COSIN website


Volume One: 'A NASDAQ Market Simulation'

Edited by Vincent Darley of Eurobios and Alexander Outkin of Los Alamos National Laboratory

This volume describes the application of agent-based modelling to financial markets with special reference to the implementation of decimalisation at NASDAQ.


International Editorial Board                                                                               Back 

As reflected in our international and multidisciplinary board of associate editors, this new series focuses on fundamental principles in the understanding, function and design of complex systems, with emphasis on generic aspects which recur across subjects and application domains.

Series Editors:

Felix Reed-Tsochas

Neil Johnson

Associate Editors

Brian Arthur
(Economics, Santa Fe Institute & PARC, USA)

Robert Axtell
(Computational Social Science, George Mason University, USA)

Stefan Bornholdt
(Theoretical Biophysics, University of Bremen, Germany)

Janet Efstathiou
(Major Programme Management, University of Oxford, UK)

Neil Johnson*
(Physics, University of Miami, USA)

Pak Ming Hui
(Physics, The Chinese University of Hong Kong, China)

Philip Maini
(Mathematical Biology, University of Oxford, UK)

Martin Nowak
(Mathematical Biology, Harvard University, USA)

Felix Reed-Tsochas*
(Management and Social Science, University of Oxford, UK)

Ricard Solé
(Physics / Systems Biology, ICREA, Barcelona / Santa Fe Institute, Spain)

Dietrich Stauffer
(Interdisciplinary Computational Physics, University of Cologne, Germany)

Kagan Tumer
(Computer Science, Oregon State University, USA)

* Series Editors