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Erdös Rényi Prize for Mason Porter
Mason Porter, Fellow of Somerville College and Associate Professor in Applied Mathematics, has won the 2014 Erdos–Rényi Prize. The prize is awarded to a scientist under the age of 40 for research into 'network science'.. Read more
17 June 2014

The beauty of high-speed trading
Austin Gerig writes about the benefits of high-frequency trading following the publication of Michael Lewis’ book Flash Boys: A Wall Street Revolt. Gerig explains that “high-frequency trading synchronizes prices across global financial markets. It knits exchanges together into one gigantic marketplace where the prices of financial securities move in unison”. Read more
3 April 2014

Persistence of social signatures in human communication
CABDyN members recently published a study of small group of individuals tracked over 18 months. They combined survey data and details from mobile phone call records to study the communication patterns and social ties of the individuals over this period. Read more
27 January 2014

New centre to challenge conventional economic thinking
Felix Reed-Tsochas, James Martin Lecturer in Complex Systems at Saïd Business School, University of Oxford is to head up a new Complexity Economics Programme at INET Oxford, an interdisciplinary research centre created by the Oxford Martin School in collaboration with the Institute for New Economic Thinking (INET). INET@Oxford was established in the wake of the 2008 financial crisis, and has been launched during a period of sustained turbulence for the Euro zone, expressly in order to challenge conventional economic thinking. Read more.
12 April 2012

Facebook study proves catching
An article published in PNAS on 11 October 2010 by CABDyN's Jukka-Pekka Onnela and Felix Reed-Tsochas examines the spread of Facebook applications among approximately 50 million users between June 25th and August 14th 2007, shortly after Facebook introduced applications.  Read More.
19 October 2010

CABDyN Welcomes Dr Elizabeth Leicht
We are pleased to announce that Elizabeth Leicht joined CABDyN as a Senior Research Fellow in Complex Systems on 1 September 2010. Read more.
19 October 2010

Ig Nobel Prize for slime mould
CABDyN's Ban Bebber and Mark Fricker attended the ceremony for the 2010 Ig Nobel Prizes at Harvard. Read more.
18 October 2010

CABDyN Vacancies: Senior Research Fellow in Complex Systems
We are seeking to recruit a Senior Research Fellow in Complex Systems who will join the research team based at the CABDyN Complexity Centre at the University of Oxford. Further information on CABDyN and the full further particulars for the post are available here.
11 October 2010

Grow with the Flow
There is much we can learn from nature on how to build efficient, adaptive transportation networks. An Oxford study, published in Proceedings of the Royal Society B, helps shed light on one such natural network. Read more.
10 June 2010

Decoding Network Communities
A new way of finding community structure within networks – anything from social networks such as Facebook, to transport networks, political voting networks, and protein interaction networks in biology – could help us understand how people are connected and how connections change over time. Read more.
14 May 2010

New Senior Research Fellow in Complex Networks: Alexandra Brintrup
We are pleased to welcome Alexandra Brintrup as a new Senior Research Fellow in Complex Networks. Alexandra has just moved to Oxford, and will be based at the CABDyN offices in the Saïd Business School. Read more.
22 April 2010

Senior Research Position
The closing date on application for the CABDyN Complexity Centre position has now passed. Any future positions will be posted on the Vacancies and Fellowships page.
15 March 2010

Science report: Looking to biology for transport network design
The latest issue of Science includes a report of fascinating new experimental work using slime mould that suggests that we should take a lead from biology when thinking about how to design scalable and robust transport networks.  CABDyN Scientific Management Board member Mark Fricker and CABDyN member Dan Bebber...Read more..
22 January 2010

CABDyN Vacancies: Senior Research Fellow in Complex Networks
We are seeking to recruit a Senior Research Fellow in Complex Networks who will join the research team based at the CABDyN Complexity Centre at the University of Oxford. Further information on CABDyN and the full further particulars for the post are available here.
12 February 2010

Nature cover story: The ecology of human conflict
A team led by CABDyN Scientific Management Board member Neil Johnson has published its findings on a universal model for the pattern of timing and casualties in human insurgency and terrorist attacks in Nature. Read more. 
17 December 2009

Two Senior Research Positions
The closing date on applications for two CABDyN Complexity Centre positions has now passed. Any future positions will be posted on the Vacancies and Fellowships page.
8 December 2009

New Domain Name
The CABDyN website now has a more convenient domain name: Please change your bookmarks accordingly. The old domain name will be removed in the coming months.
29 November 2009

Harnessing ICT-Enabled Collective Social Behaviour (ICTeCollective)
The CABDyN Complexity Centre, the Institute for Science, Innovation and Society (InSIS) and the Institute for Cognitive and Evolutionary Anthropology at the University of Oxford will contribute to a new research project supported by the European Commission under the 7th Framework.  Read more
6th August 2009

CABDyN Summer Workshops
CABDyN is pleased to announce a series of five lunchtime workshops this summer on Fridays from 12:30-2pm at Keble College. Read more
25 June 2009

Research News: PNAS Paper on Coherence in Collective Swarm Motion
Iain Couzin of Princeton University (CABDyN Scientific Management Board member), Philip Maini of Oxford University (CABDyN Scientific management Board member) and David Sumpter of Uppsala University (CABDyN associate), are co-authors of a recent article in PNAS magazine on Inherent noise coherence in collective swarm motions. Read more
27th April 2009

Modelling4All delivers collaborative Web 2.0 modelling
Students and researchers with no prior experience of computer programming are now be able to use a web-based tool to construct, run, visualise, analyse and share complex computer models, thanks to a three-year project led by CABDyN's Ken Kahn. Read more
10th March 2009

James S. McDonnell Grant awarded to Dr Mason Porter
A $418,038 grant has been awarded to Mason Porter for a 4 year research project called, "Coevolution, interconnections and communities of social and political networks in the United States Congress." Read more
2nd February 2009

Research into 'Main Street Bias' awarded Article of the Year AwardMain Street Bias
A CABDyN- led research study undertaken by Neil F. Johnson, Michael Spagat, Sean Gourley, Jukka-Pekka Onnela & Gesine Reinert into ‘Bias in Epidemiological Studies of Conflict Mortality’ has been awarded the Journal of Peace Research Article of the Year Award 2008. Read more
5th January 2009

Are patterns of cooperation universal?
New York Garment IndustryThe findings of a study undertaken by CABDyN's Felix Reed-Tsochas, at the James Martin Institute and Serguei Saavedra, at the Oxford University Centre for Corporate Reputation, in collaboration with Brian Uzzi at the Kellogg School of Management (Northwestern University) have been published in Nature Advance online publication this week Read more
[Download Network Generator Programme]
4th December 2008

Silicon Valley Comes to Oxford - Networks Masterclass
Leading entrepreneurs, venture capitalists and commentators from Silicon Valley gathered at Oxford University's Saïd Business School on 23rd November 2008 for the annual Silicon Valley Comes to Oxford meeting. This year CABDyN's Mark Fricker and Felix Reed-Tsochas gave a Materclass on the subject of Networks for Silicon Valley guests. Read more
24th November 2008

Staying connected: Asymmetric disassembly and robustness in declining networks
The results of the first in-depth study of a declining business network over an extended period of time has been published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences. The study was based on the famous New York Garment Industry and was undertaken by CABDyN Co-Director Felix Reed-Tsochas and CABDyN member Serguei Saavedra in collaboration with Brian Uzzi at the Kellogg School of Management (Northwestern University). Read more
21st October 2008

Visiting Fellow of the James Martin Institute: Prof Alan Baker
CABDyN is pleased to welcome Alan Baker as a Visiting Fellow of the James Martin Institute. He arrives in Oxford from Swarthmore College, Pennsylvania where he is Associate Professor in the Department of Philosophy. Read more
12th September 2008

Oxford BioNets Day - 03.10.08
You are warmly invited to the Oxford Biological Networks Day which will take place on Friday 3rd October starting at 9.30am in the Martin Wood Lecture Theatre. Read more
26th August 2008

Complex Systems in a Nutshell event - 08.07.08
You are warmly invited to a popular science event which will take place at the Saïd Business School next Tuesday 8th July entitled, ‘Complexity in a Nutshell’. Read more
2nd July 2008

CABDyN @ NetSci 08
CABDyN will be strongly represented at NetSci08 in Norwich on 23rd - 27th June. We look forward to seeing you there. Read more
23rd June 2008

Final MMCOMNET Workshop
CABDyN hosted the fifth and final MMCOMNET project workshop, which took place on 16th - 18th April at Oxford Saïd Business School. Read more
21st April 2008

New Postdoctoral Research Fellow in Complexity Science: Eduardo López
We are pleased to welcome Eduardo López as a new Postdoctoral Research Fellow in Complexity Science. Eduardo has just arrived in Oxford, and will be based at the CABDyN offices in the Saïd Business School. Read more
7th April 2008

Inspiration for future business leaders comes from unlikely sources
In the latest Focus Report on MBA programmes published by The Times, Stuart Crainer discusses the emergence of a new generation of business thinkers, and a recent trend for the business world to seek inspiration from other disciplines. Read more
Click here for article
23rd January 2008

New book on biological networks
Biological Networks is a new volume that has just come out in the World Scientific book series dedicated to "Complex Systems and Interdisciplinary Science". CABDyN's Felix Reed-Tsochas and Neil Johnson are Series Editors. Read more
13th December 2007

Biological solutions to transport network design
Work done by Mark Fricker's group in Oxford in collaboration with colleagues in Cardiff has just been published in the Proceedings of The Royal Society B.
Read more
1st December 2007

EPSRC Grant awarded to Dr Antonis Papachristodoulou
CABDyN member Dr Antonis Papachristodoulou has been awarded a £316,000 grant for an 18 month research project called, "Control Theory Tools for Elucidating the Phosphotransfer Network in Rhodobacter Sphaeroides: A Feasibility Study."
Read more
1st November 2007

Webcasts of ECCS ’06 plenary sessions now available
Webcasts of the plenary sessions from the European Conference on Complex Systems 2006 are now available as archive video streams from the ECCS '06 Webpage
Read more
22nd October 2007

Dr Jukka-Pekka Onnela awarded Fulbright Postdoctoral Research Grant
CABDyN member, Dr Jukka-Pekka Onnela, has been awarded a Fulbright grant to spend 12 months working with Professor David Lazer in Harvard University starting in August 2008.
Read more
2nd October 2008

Beijing Summer School
A Summer School on “Complexity Science and Real-World Applications” will take place between 11th-22nd September 2007 at Tsinghua University and Renmin University in Beijing. The School will be part funded by the European Commission ONCE-CS Coordination Action. Within this project CABDyN (through Felix Reed-Tsochas) has particular responsibility for four thematic schools on Complex Systems Read more
11th September 2007

Two’s Company, Three’s Complexity by Neil F. Johnson
CABDyN Scientific Board Member Neil Johnson’s new book ‘Two’s Company, Three’s Complexity’ has recently been published by Oneworld Publications. Read more
July 2007

World Scientific Book Series – 2nd Volume
The second volume of the book series by World Scientific dedicated to “Complex Systems and Interdisciplinary Science” has recently been published. ‘Large Scale Structure and Dynamics of Complex Networks'... Read more
June 2007

New World Scientific Book Series
The first volume in a new book series by World Scientific dedicated to “Complex Systems and Interdisciplinary Science” has recently been published. A NASDAQ Market Simulation is edited by Vincent Darley of Eurobios and Alexander Outkin. Read more
3rd May 2007

EPSRC “Fundamentals of Complexity Science” Grant
A £375,000 grant has been awarded to CABDyN by the EPSRC under its “Fundamentals of Complexity Science” initiative for a three-year research project on “Modelling the temporal dynamics of social, economic and communication networks from large-scale empirical datasets." Read more
2nd May 2007

Structure and tie strengths in mobile communication networks
CABDyN member, Jukka-Pekka Onnela's work with collaborators J. Saramäki, J. Hyvönen, G. Szabó, D. Lazer, K. Kaski, J. Kertész, and A.-L. Barabási on the structure and tie strengths in mobile communication networks is published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences.... Read more
1st May 2007

European Conference on Complex Systems (ECCS ’07), Dresden 1st – 5th October 2007
The fourth European Conference on Complex Systems organised by the European Complex Systems Society will be hosted this year by the Technische Universität Dresden. Read more
2nd April 2007

CABDyN Administrator - Ken Bedding
Following Monica O’Kane’s move to the Research Office, CABDyN is pleased to welcome Ken Bedding as its new Administrator. Read more
1st March 2007

NICO Complexity Conference at Northwestern University
Felix Reed-Tsochas will be giving an invited plenary presentation at the NICO Complexity Conference, which will be held at Northwestern University on 28th -29th March, 2007.
Read more
1st March 2007

Measuring and Modelling Complex Networks Across Domains (MMCOMNET)
The EU funded MMCOMNET project remains one of the central activities of CABDyN, and the 4th MMCOMNET Workshop is due to take place on 14th-17th April 2007 in Warsaw. Read more
14th February 2007

Tracking People's Electronic Footprints
In a news article entitled Tracking People's Electronic Footprints, which appeared in the 10 November 2006 issue of Science, John Bohannon writes about recent advances in the social sciences that are based on the increasing availability of digital records of human interactions, ever growing computer power, and the development of new mathematical models. Read more
10th November 2006

CABDyN welcomes Jukka-Pekka Onnela
Dr Jukka-Pekka Onnela has joined CABDyN as of August 2006, having previously completed his doctorate at the Laboratory of Computational Engineering of Helsinki University of Technology under the direction of Professor Kimmo Kaski. Read more
28th August 2006

European Conference on Complex Systems, 25-29 September 2006, Oxford
Programme Committee Chair Peter Schuster (Vienna), Programme Committee Vice-Chair Jürgen Jost (Leipzig), and Local Chair and Programme Committee Vice-Chair Felix-Reed-Tsochas (Oxford) will be in charge of ECCS '06, which will be held at the Said Business School, with CABDyN acting as the Local Organising Committee. Read more
24th July 2006

Research News: Science Paper on The Physics of Locust Swarms
David Sumpter and Iain Couzin, two members of CABDyN who are based in the Zoology Department, are the co-authors of an article in Science on order-disorder transitions in the collective motion of locust swarms Read more
2nd June 2006

EIASM Workshop on Complexity and Management, 19-20 June 2006, Saïd Business School, Oxford
A 2-day workshop with a focus on applying agent-based modelling and complex network approaches to management research is being organised by Felix Reed-Tsochas (Oxford) and Brian Uzzi (Northwestern) under the aegis of the European Institute for Advanced Studies in Management (EIASM). Read more
19th April 2006

Mathematics of Networks Meeting
CABDyN will host a one-day meeting in the Mathematics of Networks series on Friday 7 April from 11.00-18.00 in Edmond Safra Lecture Theatre at the Saïd Business School. The theme is business and social networks Read more
7th March 2006

2nd MMCOMNET Workshop
The second workshop of the MMCOMNET research project will be held at the Eckberg Castle in Dresden Friday 31 March – Sunday 2 April 2006. Read more
10th February 2006

Complex Systems Model used to Investigate Human Relationships
Oxford physics undergraduate Richard Ecob, graduate student Dave Smith and their supervisor Neil Johnson challenge the belief that modern life makes us more sophisticated in relationships but also choosier. Read more
11th August 2005

The first workshop of the MMCOMNET research project was held at Saïd Business School on 20-21 October 2005. Read more
22nd October 2005

European Commission Funds ONCE-CS Coordination Action
European Commission has agreed to fund the ONCE-CS Coordination Action. ONCE-CS is an Open Network of Centres of Excellence in Complex Systems and involves 27 participating institutions including the University of Oxford. Read more
1st June 2005

MMCOMNET Postdoc Appointed
CABDyN is happy to announce the appointment of François Collet to a MMCOMNET postdoctoral position based at Nuffield College. Read more
15th September 2005

Press Coverage for Global Terrorism Paper
A Paper by Neil Johnson of CABDyN and colleagues in London and Colombia analyses two ongoing high-profile armed conflicts on opposite sides of the globe, in Colombia and Iraq.
Read more
27th July 2005

European Commission Funds MMCOMNET Project (Contract No. 12999)
Contract negotiations with the European Commission under Framework 6 for our NEST Pathfinder Project MMCOMNET (Measuring and Modelling Complex Networks Across Domains) have been completed, and the official start date for the 3-year project was 1 February 2005. Read more
8th February 2005

Decision Making on All Levels
New insights into how animals travelling in groups make decisions have been provided by a team of researchers led by Iain Couzin of the Department of Zoology, University of Oxford, and Princeton University. Read more
2nd February 2005

International Workshop on Complex Agent-based Dynamic Networks
Saïd Business School, University of Oxford
The International Workshop on Complex Agent-Based Dynamic Networks (CABDyN) was held in Oxford on 5 – 7 October 2003 and is linked to an EPSRC funded initiative to establish research clusters in the area of complex systems. Read more
14th October 2003